An article refers to a piece of persuasive, instructor, and explanatory content that is generally non-fiction. Article writing can be explained as a process to create textual content for the sake of a publication, it may be printed or digital. There is a primary difference between article writing and other forms of writing it must be informative or educational rather than fiction and entertaining. 

Article writers write content for various purposes such as letting the readers know about a specific topic, giving instructions on how to do a particular thing, or promoting a service or product. The applications for article writing can be seen in magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs. Moreover, it can also be found in online forums, where users tend to post content on various topics. Writers of the article also opt for different fields of work such as copywriters, journalists, content creation for advertising and marketing, and creating news for magazines and newspapers. Apart from that, ghostwriting is another type of article writing, where the writer writes the content for another company or person.

Although the writers of articles can come from a distinct background with distinct areas of expertise, they generally have a common skill set. The freelance article writers must have extraordinary analytical and research skills so that they can accurately evaluate the information before creating content based on it. Moreover, they need to have a strong vocabulary and grasp of the language of writing for creating error-free content.

How can an Article be Written?

The article writing process contains various steps and the following is a brief discussion of the steps:

  • Selection of a topic: Selecting a topic is the first and foremost step of article writing. Always try to choose a topic of your passion so that you feel enough confident to write about it seamlessly. The topic can range from your hobby to your favorite profession.
  • Recognize the target audience: The very next step is to identify the target audience for whom the content will be written. This is important for determining the format, tone, and style of the article along with the topic you will go through. Knowing your audience will also be helpful in choosing the correct platform or medium for your article.
  • Research work: This is also a very important step of article writing that includes extensive research on a particular topic. Research means collecting information from various reliable sources such as books, websites, and expert people.
  • Arrange your thoughts: After collecting all the required information, it is time to arrange your thoughts by creating a profile. This outline will be extremely helpful for visualizing the final product and your article structure so that it becomes easily readable and understandable.
  • Write the content: In this step, you can write the article. Always make sure to provide an attractive headline, and write in a clear, easy-to-read, and concise way.
  • Editing and proofreading: After finishing the article, it is necessary to edit and proofread an article before submitting it to the publication. Although you may have to redo the article for few times, you can be assured of getting completely error-free and good-flowed final content.

Types of Article Writing

There are many types of article writings about the following are some of the common types that are depicted below:

  • Reviews: It is a very popular type of article writing which is written as an opinion about a product or service. Along with that, it also includes accurate information about the service or product that is being reviewed.
  • How-to guides: This is another most common kind of article which provides information about a subject matter and also makes you understand the steps you have to take for the accomplishment of something.
  • Articles of news and magazines: These are new articles that are not so long and generally include interviews with various professionals who have different views on different topics associated with the story depicted by the journalists.
  • Blog posts: A blog post refers to an article that is written in the format of a short paragraph and first person. Moreover, it includes many graphics, pictures, and videos.
  • Research articles: These articles are produced containing academic topics and any new research study on the topic. 
  • Listicles: This article is designed with a different format where the facts, ideas, and information are represented in a list or a numbered format. 

Why Should You Hire a Freelance Article Writer for Your Business?

While running a business, a business owner can't manage all the business activities along with writing articles. So, it is always beneficial to employ freelance article arbiters who can help your team to create top-quality and informative content regularly. This helps you to concentrate on other important areas of a business like product development, marketing operations, customer services, supplier management, and more. Furthermore, hiring a great freelance content writer can help you to create well-written and rich contents that can attract more readers thus improving your ranking in search engine result pages. Freelance can find article writing jobs today on

Are you looking for an expert freelance article writer for your concern? Do not worry, when is there. They can manage all the procedures so smoothly that you cannot get any difficulty in hiring freelance article writers for your project.

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