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The Importance of German Translation

Most Germans speak German and it proves a higher grade of linguistic homogeneity. A few people speak some national minority languages like Frisian (a couple of variants), Danish, Sorbian (a couple of variants), or Polish.

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Other people speak one of the several immigrant languages, such as Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, etc. The 4 national German minorities are Danes, Friesians, Gypsies, and Sorbs. Hence, employers always look forward to this online platform when they need to hire German translators. The translators from have excellent time management skills which is why they can manage well their workload. 

An Overview of the German Language

The German language is regarded as one of the highly effective foreign languages that are spoken by countless people all across the globe. This language belongs to the Germanic languages’ western branch. As German is the official language of six nations, this language tends to be an umbrella language. German is also acknowledged as a standard language that caters to various dialects though it has close to one hundred million speakers. People love to speak the German language due to the political and historical importance of Germany. Again, it also plays a vital role in the international exchange of info. 

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Reasons to Learn German

There are several reasons why people look forward to learning German:

  • Germany boasts of having the biggest number of native speakers.
  • German is also one of the 10 highly spoken languages and it is also regarded as a lingua franca of Eastern and Central Europe. If you think that every German speaks English, you are not right as it is nothing but a myth.
  • Scientists have received twenty-two Nobel Prizes for their contribution to Physics, twenty-five in Medicine, and thirty in Chemistry from the 3 significant German-speaking nations. The German-language writers have received eleven Nobel Prizes for their contribution to Literature.
  • Germans are considered world leaders who have made a huge contribution to engineering.
  • Though many people are not aware, English and German share many similarities. Several words in German look or sound the same as English words as these languages have the same grandparent. Some examples would make it clear.

Haus = house, Hand = hand, Buch = book, Schwimmen = to swim, Blau = blue, Windig = windy, Mutter = mother, Singen = to sing, and lots more.

English to German and German to English translation

The translation agency PoliLingua works with native German-speaking experts to produce texts that are impeccable and adapted to its readership in terms of tone, style, and choice of vocabulary. Our English to German translators know how to address the German audience, in styles adapted to your target audience and in different sectors: e-commerce, tourism, sports, nutrition, IT, automotive, marketing, SEO, design, and decoration, etc... We can assign a professional English translator to your project according to their particular skills in your sector, or dedicate several translators to work with you. Our expertise in web content and SEO guarantees you will get German content with optimized visibility for search engines.

Our bilingual translators specialize in specific technical fields, such as the translation of specifications and manuals for the IT and telecommunications sectors. Our legal and financial specialists are familiar with specific legal and financial terminology and the German legal framework. In addition, they are subject to a high level of confidentiality, which guarantees the complete security of your data. Our German translation company works with sworn translators so that we can also offer you certified translations of your official documents, diplomas, or court reports into German.

Your responsibilities involve deciphering ideas and concepts that are different between the cultures involved, translating written documentation, proofreading and editing previously translated text, accompanying German-speaking visitors while abroad, and assisting with mediating discussions.

2. Cultural knowledge: Cultural knowledge has a strong connection with language knowledge for translators, who have to translate between people with different backgrounds. Idioms, references and slang, for example, can have different meanings depending on how they're used. A cultural knowledge can help a translator communicate better.

3. Communication: A translator ultimately communicates ideas from one language to another, so communication skills are important for translators to possess.

4. Writing: Along with verbal communication, it's important for translators to be able to communicate in writing, especially if a translator is translating a piece of writing between languages. Writing skills have a few components:

  • Grammar:Knowing the grammar rules in different languages can help you translate languages correctly.
  • Punctuation:Languages use punctuation differently, so translators should be familiar with the punctuation uses in source language and the translated language.
  • Style:Examples of writing styles include descriptive, persuasive, narrative and argumentative. Translating the style of a written piece helps convey its purpose, so it's just as important as translating the language.

5. Research: Translators frequently use strong research skills to learn and confirm rules for different languages. Research skills can contribute to continuous learning for translators as they gain a deeper knowledge of languages.

6. Computer-assisted translation (CAT): There are several CAT programs that translators use to help them refine their translations. Here are a few types of CAT software that a translator might use:

  • Language search engine software:This software works like a search engine, but instead of searching the internet, it searches pieces of previously translated text to find pieces of text that match a source document. Translators can use this software to help them translate pieces of writing.
  • Terminology management software:This software stores terminology in databases for translators to access as they translate text and verbal communications.
  • Translation memory software:Translation memory software can help automate some of the translation process for translators. It stores paired segments of text and a translation for those segments in translation units.
  • Interactive machine translation software:This is another automation tool for translators that can predict the meaning of text in one language and translate it to another language. Google Translate is an example of an interactive machine translator.
  • Text alignment software:This software can help a translator align the same text in two languages, resulting in a translation that the software stores to help translate more intelligently in the future.

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