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Apply to become a certified freelancer

To become a part of the exclusive Paperub freelancing community, you must first submit an online application. Our moderation staff checks each application to verify the freelancer's qualifications before accepting them.

After being accepted, you'll have access to a steady flow of work from our global customer base. Get out there and start offering your services to thousands of companies.

Stand out from others

Create an impressive online profile

To put it simply, your profile is your best asset. If a client is debating whether or not to hire you for a project, having a stellar profile is a must. Make your profile stand out by detailing your past work experiences, outlining your talents, and describing your background. Include relevant samples of your work, provide detailed descriptions of yourself, and keep your profile as up-to-date as possible.

Search and Saved-Searches

Look for the perfect project right for you.

If you're a freelancer on Paperub, our AI system will find you the best possible assignments based on your unique skills and experience. Both manual and automated searches may be set up to keep you apprised of new project opportunities as they become available. Locate projects that are a good fit for your expertise and experience, then write a convincing proposal to get the gig. You may send as many as 15 proposals each month for free, and more if you wish to bid on more projects.

Collaboration Hub

Convene in the Work Stream of Your Project

A competent freelancer understands that there is more to project management than just providing the products. Individuals working alone must work together, reconsider, and adapt. That's why we built project streams—our little-known secret weapon for facilitating smooth project collaboration. All your client communication, file-sharing, and feedback-gathering needs may be met in one convenient location.

Make your proposal

Do a proposal and go back to the client when a project catches your interest. Please feel free to voice any inquiries or recommendations you may have. Establish attainable goals and budgets. Simply follow the steps! Once your proposal is accepted, the customer will deposit it into an escrow account, where it will remain secure until the job is finished and you issue an invoice.

Your proposal, your way

When a project takes your eye, complete a proposal and respond to the client. If you have questions – ask them, if you have suggestions – make them. Set realistic budgets and achievable milestones. It’s that easy! You’re protected from the moment your proposal is selected as clients pay a deposit into an escrow account, which is held safe until you complete the project and raise an invoice.

Simple Invoice

To easily generate an invoice when a project is over, just access the billing section of your project management software. All of the invoice information is pre-populated depending on the details of your job, so you don't have to worry about a thing. It's up to you to determine whether you're prepared to input the entire sum or an estimated one. Once your customer approves the transfer, the monies will be sent from the project's secure escrow account to your Paperub account.

Establish long-term connections with clients.

Customers are enthusiastic about using Paperub to complete tasks because of the interactive learning experience it affords them. You may learn a lot about the client's company and strengthen your connection with them as the project progresses. You may schedule automatic billing for recurring tasks and keep track of them in the project stream.

Produce delightful encounters

Since Paperub is one of the best freelancing platforms, its users should provide nothing less than expert service to their customers. Each project concludes with a customer feedback session to assess the service you provided. Freelancers that regularly get five-star ratings will rise in the platform's ranks, gain more exposure, and enjoy better success.

Every project is crucial!

Post a Work

Fill out our simple form and tell us about the project you have in mind. More specifics mean more qualified freelancers will apply.

The tedious task of finding and contacting competent freelancers is taken care of by our AI technology. Then, the freelancers will each react with their unique bid.

You should go through the bids, choose a freelancer, and then make a down payment. Once the job is finished and you are pleased with the results, you may pay the freelancer using our secure payment system.

A wide range of abilities

Find outstanding freelancers.

You may find freelancers with every possible skill set by browsing our listings; just one of these gems might revolutionize your company.

You may narrow down your options by experience, proximity, and hourly rate. Get in touch with independent contractors and have them bid on the job.

Presenting Proposals

Learn cutting-edge strategies for company expansion.

Freelancers that submit bids provide predetermined packages. Check out the wide selection of deals starting at only £10. Clients may try out new ideas and establish solid working connections with freelancers via the use of offers. If the work was completed to your satisfaction, you might ask for further work to be done.

Simpler communication and payments

Convene in the Work Stream of Your Project

Keeping track of several projects at once may be a full-time job, which is why we developed project streams as our secret weapon. Get input, send and receive files, and discuss ideas in one convenient location. Additionally, freelancer bills may be paid with a single click from the project feed after work is finished.

Analyze proposals

All the submissions you've received are gathered in one place in the project stream so you can easily analyze and assess them. By depositing a deposit on the winning bid, you may immediately begin working with the winning bidder.

Until you inform us, you're pleased and ready to release payments, Paperub will hold your money (in escrow).


Messages, files, reviews, ratings, payments, and more can all be found in one central location thanks to project streams. Gain access to real-time updates monitors the development of your freelancer's work and review past conversations. Never before has it been so simple to oversee a free agent.

Pay Freelancers with ease

Pay freelancers easily and directly from your project stream at the conclusion of a job, but only if you're satisfied with the work. Just one click and the money will be sent to the independent contractor. Put money in your Paperub account to make future payments simpler.

Paperub acts as an escrow service, holding your payment until you're ready to pay your freelancer. Every Paperub account has access to our customer support staff who will assist handle any disagreement if you are ever not satisfied to send cash to a freelancer, protecting your funds at all times.

Leave feedback for your freelancers.

When it comes to our freelancers, we don't take anything for granted. That's why we value your post-project comments so much. Appreciate your freelancer's efforts by giving them a rating out of five, writing a detailed review, and then sharing your experience with other potential customers. The community will benefit greatly from your comments.

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