Data entry refers to a process of digitization of data by entering it into an electronic device or a computer system for management and organization. Data can be entered into a computer system or a device manually, using a mouse, or keyboard, or automatically via scanning devices like barcode scanners, and OCR or optical character recognition software. Moreover, it can also be done through voice recognition software. Find & hire freelance data entry clerks on

There are commonly two types of data entry: 

  • Alphanumeric data entry that it includes typing letters as well as letters and numbers into a computer system.
  • Other types of data entry include alpha-only (names, titles), numeric-only (zip codes), audio files (recorded speeches), image files (scanned documents), and video files (interviews).

What are Some of the Common Types of Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry is a broad field of operations that includes the following activities:

  • Conversion of PDFs into Excel spreadsheets or Word documents which are required to be transformed into a digital format.
  • Conversion of scanned documents into text files. The text files can be modified with word processing software (Microsoft Word). This is usually done with old documents which are needed to be converted into digital format.
  • Filling up templates or forms with data. The topic can range from customer surveys (which are required to be tabulated) to online forms of applications that are to be completed.
  • Reproducing video files and audio recordings for creating a written transcript that includes what was done or said on the media types. These could be interviews that require to be translated for corporate reasons, and legal activities that need to be reproduced for providing evidence later. One of the most common uses of transcription is done in the medical field where medical practitioners dictate notes and a medical transcriptionist types them.
  • Apart from all the above-mentioned data entry jobs, this field covers multiple other tasks as well such as taking levels of inventory from a database and sharing them with another database, entering orders from customers into a system of order processing, or updating a system of CRM with the latest information of the customer.

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What Types of Skills are Needed for Getting a Data Entry Job?

Freelance Data entry experts convert physical documents into a digitalized format. They must possess certain abilities to do repetitive, simple tasks like copying, and pastings and even more complicated ones like processing and formatting data. Though data entry is a simple job following skills are needed to flourish in this field:

  • Fast typing speed: Experts in data entry are capable of inputting a large amount of data in a short span of time. Most companies want to have specialists who are capable of typing around a speed of 40 to 50 words every minute. Even certain companies need 70 words every minute. For attaining this speed one need to be pro with user input devices like a mouse, keyboard, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of software: A variety of software programs need to be used by data entry specialists. One must have experience and knowledge with spreadsheets and word processors such as Excel and Word. The skills of data entry also include knowledge of database software. So, basic skills in software and fast learning capability are essential for great performance.
  • Verbal as well as Written skills: For being a data entry professional you must have strong writing skills (including grammar and spelling). Specialists, who work with information and text, must not make grammar and spelling mistakes. Along with it, the communication skill must be too good to interact with everyone.
  • Capable of operating standard office equipment: Data entry professionals should be capable of operating the standard office equipment for performing various tasks. Nowadays, most office buildings are equipped with high-quality office equipment for increasing the productivity of the teams. So, along with data entry skills they must have the ability to operate various office equipment.
  • Organizational and time-management skills: Skills to manage and organize time is very important for doing a lot of work in less time. Proper organizational skills let you plan and attain your daily goals easily.
  • Familiarity with business terminology: A data entry expert must have a proper understanding of various business terms to understand the documents on which they work. This becomes extremely crucial if the concerned company works and uses specific terminology related to the industry.

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