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What is Java?

Java refers to a popular programming language as well as a computing platform. It can run on any platform so it is known as a platform-oriented programming language as well.

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Find Java Software Development Jobs Online

In other words, Java can be explained as a general-purpose, object-oriented, and class-based programming language which was designed for having fewer implementation dependencies. Apart from that, it is also a computing platform for the development of an application. It is reliable, fast, and secure and that is why it is majorly used to develop various applications of Java in data centers, laptops, scientific supercomputers, game consoles, mobile phones, etc. Leverage your professional network, and hire software development freelancers. Find Java Software Development Jobs online which added daily.

Java language was initially termed OAK which was developed to handle set-top boxes and portable devices. But it was not that successful. So, in the year 1995, it was renamed to Java and also modified for taking advantage of the expanding business of WWW (World Wide Web) development. Later, in the year 2009 Oracle Corporation acquired ownership of this language from the previous owner Sun Microsystems. Join Paperub and find Linux jobs online with top organizations and start-ups from around the world.

Features of Java

The following are the key features of Java:

  • Concurrent: This platform provides the user the ability to run part of a program, or several programs simultaneously along with improving efficiency.
  • Secure: Once the code is created, all is transformed to bytecode, which is not possible for humans to read. Thus, it is extremely useful in protecting the work from viruses and other untrusted sources.
  • Object-oriented and class-based: It permits a group of objects that can be utilized over multiple projects thus helping in saving time.
  • Portable: This software runs on a principle which is ‘write once, use anywhere'. It indicates that once a code has been written down by the programmers, it can be utilized on other projects s well instead of starting from scratch.
  • Platform-oriented: It is highly platform-oriented so some programs that are built into one machine are capable of being executed in other machines as well.
  • Memory management: It is a multithreaded language that ensures the automatic management of memory.
  • Network-centric: Since this platform is network-centric, it clears the way for distributed computing.
  • Easy to use: It is one of the easiest learning programming languages that become convenient for beginners as well.

What are the components of Java Programming Language?

A programmer of Java writes down a program in a language that is easily readable by humans and is termed Source Code. Therefore the Chips or CPU is unable to recognize the source code written down in any programming language. The computers or chips only understand machine code or machine language. The machine codes run at the level of the CPU and there are different codes for different models of CPU. Software freelancers can easily find java software development jobs online and earn more money. 

The machine recognizes the source code and converts them into machine language or code, which is known as executable code. These functionalities occur inside the Java components. Following is an illustration of three major components of the Java platform:

JDK or Java Development Kit: It is an environment of software development that is used to make Java applications and applets. The developers can use this kit on macOS, Windows, Linux, and Solaris. This kit helps them in coding and running Java programs. Moreover, it is also feasible to install more than one version of the Java Development Kit on the same computer. It contains important tools needed for writing down java programs and executing them in Java Runtime Environment. Apart from that, it contains a Java application launcher, compiler, and applet viewer. It helps in transforming Java code into byte code.

JRE or Java Runtime Environment: Java Runtime Environment is a piece of software that is specifically designed for running other software. It includes loader class, class libraries, and Java Virtual Machine. Simply, it can be said that JRE is essential to run a Java program. It contains significant package classes such as swing, math, lang, awt, util, and runtime libraries.

JVM or Java Virtual Machine: It is basically a machine that provides a runtime environment for driving the applications and code of Java. It is an important part of JRE that helps in transforming Java bytecode into machine code or language. It consists of numerous tools, libraries, and frameworks. Moreover, it comes with a Just-in-time or JIT compiler that transforms source code into low-level machine language thus it can run faster.

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