has officially
hit 1 million registered
users worldwide.

This is a landmark milestone for and for each
and every one of you who makes up our global community.
Here's to you.

As part of our celebrations, we've shared over US$5,000 worth of
prizes in our contest to find the 'new faces of Freelancer'.

For this special milestone, please also tell us what Paperub
means to you here.

It is such a great experience working with professional people from all over the world. is a real life changer for lots of people.

Nourhan salah, Egypt

Before, I had to rely on local supplier for different aspects of projects I run here in Dubai, and the quality was horrendous at best. The good ones were extremely expensive and would not take a job they didn't like or found profitable.

Louay Sayaf, UAE

I can say that is one of the best freelance web sites where you earn, learn and meet a nice and friendly people all over the world. I also can say that has changed my life

Md. Ahsan Habib, Bangladesh

My journey started when I was broken, I gave 100 of interviews all rejected then I started work on Now my life is changed, now I have my own company with a small team.

Suraj, India

Paperub is giving me a chance to compose and produce a style of music which is not very popular in my country, but it is in other parts of the world. Thank you Paperub!

Md. Ahsan Habib, Australia

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