Use the Paperub API to access a
cloud workforce of skilled freelancers
from your website, app or software.
off the ground.

Why hire people when you can just make an API call to the cloud?

The simplest way to build your product or business

Our Technical Co-pilots™ are skilled technical experts and project managers. Technical Co-pilots™ will bring your vision to life.

Global Workforce

Ten-time ​Webby ​award-winning ​is ​the ​world’s ​largest ​freelancing ​and crowdsourcing ​marketplace ​by ​total ​number ​of ​users ​and ​jobs ​posted with 1M users from over 97 countries, regions and territories.

Unmatched Liquidity

Over 80% of online jobs get bids within 60 seconds. Jobs in a specific location get bid on average within 25 minutes–which is improving month by month. No other freelance marketplace is as liquid as

Cost Effective

Why hire full time staff when you can simply make an API call to the cloud? You'll never fire freelancers, because you only pay as you task them. And you can scale up your operations with just a few lines of code.

Over million of jobs across 1,000 categories have been posted on

Hire in any profession you can think of using our API, on demand–developers, designers, photographers, copywriters, delivery people, manufacturers and more.

The Singularity is Near

Futurists hypothesize about a coming singularity; a time in the future where machine intelligence will explode, accelerating technological progress at a rate so quickly that the future will be radically different from today. The human brain cannot even begin to comprehend the sophistication of this future. The release of the Paperub API brings this connection between man and machine even closer. For over 60 years, humans have programmed computers through software and for the first time a sophisticated programming interface exists for humans.

Built for developers, by developers

We engineered our API to let you spend more time running your business and less time worrying about fulfillment of services. It is your opportunity to create applications that leverage the Paperub platform, and the army of freelancers that use the site!

You can build entire businesses – desktop apps, mobile apps and anything you can think of – all powered by our technology and marketplace. The possibilities are endless!

Beautiful Documentation

Our API reference documentation and step by step guides allow you to focus on building awesome apps.

Sandbox Environment

The sandbox allows you to test your applications without touching production data. Explore the API in our developer friendly sandbox environment before you go live.


With our versioning system, you can be sure your app will work consistently as we add new and exciting features.

Beautiful Documentation

Our API reference documentation and step by step guides allow you to focus on building awesome apps.

Disrupt the Disruptors

Uber built the largest taxi company in the world without owning any cars. Could you build a bigger one without using any staff?

Automate something

A few lines of javascript that can be dropped into a website that taps into a service to internationalize copy–say goodbye to poor quality machine translation.

Button for everything

Imagine an app with one button. Once it's pressed, no matter where you are in the world, your favorite flowers delivered! Or chocolate, or a photographer.

Charity done right

A village in India needs a well fixed. They post their project, which freelancers bid to fix. The website then displays these projects for benefactors to fund.

Services in an app

Take a photo and have a caricature sent back, a birthday card, a 3D model, a floorplan or even a song about the scene! You're only limited by your imagination.

Food delivery

Why hire an expensive fleet of cyclists and drivers when you can use the Paperub API as a low cost delivery network.

Use the Freelancer API to build apps of the future

Assetio by Flobox combines the power of the Freelancer API with Artificial Intelligence
and Data Science to automatically cycle creatives to avoid advertising fatigue.

Benefits of integrating the Freelancer API

On demand & scalable

With the largest online workforce in history, Paperub scales to your needs instantly. Task people at scale in an instant.

Automate your workforce

The Paperub API allows you to automate your business processes at scale across the globe. Wherever you need talent and skills, we have it- instantly.

Dramatically cut costs

It's free to post a project, free to bid & chat. If a job is accepted, we charge 3% to the employer with no minimum project fee.

Sophisticated Matching

Using artificial intelligence, Paperub's reputation system automatically ranks the best freelancers for the job based upon sophisticated algorithms.


A perfect companion for Freelancer Enterprise customers, the Paperub API is perfect for large organizations doing big things.

Open source SDKs

With existing SDKs for Python and Android, you can get started with the Paperub API today. More SDKs and expanded support coming soon.

Pay only when satisfied

With our milestone payments system, your payment is safe until you are 100% satisfied with the work done.

Unprecedented flexibility

Choose between a projects, contests or services, and pay a fixed price or on an hourly basis, we have you covered for all kinds of ways to work.

Supercharge your business with the Paperub API today

With access to over million of users the we’re excited to see what you can create

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