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HTML is the acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML5 can be defined as a markup language that is used to structure and present content on WWW or World Wide Web. It is the latest version of HTML. By appointing the best freelance developers through Paperub.com you can be assured about their reliability and efficiency. However, to hire HTML5 web developers for your concern you can trust Paperub.com as they help to transform dreams into reality.

In simple terms, HTML5 can be described as a markup language that is used for developing several web applications. This is the 5th version of HTML as well as the most advanced version of HTML. HTML has been developed in such a way that does not require any browser plugin or other software for designing an entire website from scratch. By using HTML5 the developers can create animations, huge applications along with various complicated apps that run on the browser. Apart from that, it is used in some of the most complex web applications, which are introduced for online streaming, entertainment, audio players, video players, etc.

This markup language is an important tool for website building in this highly advanced technological era. The developers prefer this tool always as it can create web applications easily. Since HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, it contains various impressive attributes. This term indicates two things. One is the updated HTML language, with new elements and attributes and the second one is the set of technologies that are integrated with this latest version such as a new format of video and it enables the users to create more powerful and complex web applications and websites as well.

You can hire HTML5 web developers to get an innovative and specially designed website for your business to attract new customers and make the customer base stronger.

Features of HTML5

There are several features loaded in the latest version of HTML and for availing all the features you need to hire HTML5 web developers who can assist you to utilize all the features. However, following are some of the top features of HTML5 are mentioned below:

  • It consists of the newest multimedia features that support both the video and audio controls with the use of <audio> and <video> tags.
  • It is enriched with semantic elements that include <footer>, <header>, <section>, <article>, and <figure>.
  • It has introduced new elements of graphics including tags and vector graphics.
  • It has an efficient drag-and-drop approach that enables the users to grab an object, drag it farther and drop it at a new location.
  • It also offers the facility of web storage that provides methods of the web application for storing data on the web browser.
  • It provides geo-location services which mean the users can avail the facility of locating the geographical location of the clients.
  • It allows the users to draw different shapes such as rectangles, triangles, circles, etc.
  • It utilizes an SQL database for storing data offline.
  • It offers an easy declaration of DOCTYPE
  • It is capable enough to handle the wrong syntax
  • It provides easy encoding of characters.

What are the New Elements Added to HTML5?

Since the latest version HTML5 contains various new elements it will be easier for you to understand if you hire HTML5 web developers for your project. Following are the new elements that are added to the latest version of HTML that is HTML5:

  • <article>: This tag is very important for representing an article. More particularly, the content within this tag is independent of any other content of the website.
  • <figcaption>: This tag is utilized for setting a caption to the figure element within a document.
  • <aside>: This tag is utilized for describing the main object of a web page more simply and shortly such as a highlighter. It contains mainly the information of the author, related content, links, and many more.
  • <header>: It contains the heading of the sections along with other content, like a table of contents, navigation links, etc.
  • <footer>: This tag in HTML acts as an indicator of the footer in a document. This section consists of footer information like copyright information, author information, carriers, etc). The elements of the footer need a start as well as an end tag.
  • <nav>: This tag is utilized to declare the section of navigation within the HTML documents. Generally, websites do have sections only for navigation links which makes it easier for the users to navigate the website.
  • <time>: It helps in displaying the human-readable time and date. However, it can also be utilized for encoding times and dates in a form that is machine–readable.

Being one of the most reputed hiring platforms Paperub.com offers 24*7 services to hire HTML5 web developers that are appropriate for accomplishing your business needs.

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