WordPress refers to an open-source CMS or Content Management System. It is a well-known tool among people who have no experience in coding but desire to build their blog or website. Hire WordPress Web Designers from Paperub.com who can assist your company to build the best website possible.

Want to Hire a Great Freelance WordPress Web Designer for Any Job

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In simple words, WordPress is an open-source and free platform for creating websites. In more technical terms, it is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that is written in PHP that utilizes the database of MySQL. It is the most powerful as well as easiest website and blog builder at present.

It is considered an excellent website-building platform for a wide variety of websites. It is a versatile Content Management system that is equally beneficial for blogging to business eCommerce and portfolio websites. Since t is designed with flexibility and usability in mind, it acts as a great solution for both small and large websites.

Features of WordPress

Being an excellent platform for website building it contains many impressive features. Following are the top features of WordPress are briefly depicted here:

  • SEO: SEO or Search Engine Optimization starts at a technical level and this platform provides an exceptional and strong code base for SEO. SEO lets the content of your website be found through various usual search engines like Bing or Google.
  • Mobile-friendly: Most of the themes of this platform are responsive out-of-the-box or extremely mobile-friendly.
  • Speed: It is a platform for lean websites that is continuously striving to eliminate code ‘bloat’ that actually reduces the speed of loading of a website.
  • Media file library: This popular platform consists of an in-built library where the users can avail the facility of uploading and embedding files like videos or images in their posts or pages. Moreover, the users can also do basic editing to their images within this framework.
  • Custom-menus: This framework makes it super easy to build navigation menus with custom links or links to the pages.
  • Easy-to-use interface: This framework is very easy-to-use and does not contain any complicated settings. If users can utilize a processor of WordPress, then they can easily use WordPress. It also focuses on accessibility.
  • In-built blogs: Adding a blog to the website is very simple similar to the publication of a post.
  • Block Editor: This new feature has been added to version 5 of WordPress which helps in transforming the way of editing posts and pages. Apart from that, it also facilitates to design and organize the content with a flexible approach of ‘drag and drop’.

What do you Understand by WordPress Website?

A WordPress website can be referred to as any website that is built by using WordPress or use WordPress as its CMS or content management system. Hire WordPress Web Designers for building an interactive and attractive website of your own. Following are the types of websites that are built with WordPress:

Blog: It is a special kind of website that helps to share photos, thoughts, reviews, recipes, tutorials and so much more. It usually shows the most recent content at first.

Business Website: Several businesses avail benefits of having an online presence with their website. WordPress is an ideal option for those businesses that want their customers to know all about the company and its offerings. Furthermore, the customers can also have the facility of contacting the company whenever required, scheduling an appointment, asking for a quote, and much more.

E-commerce website: An e-commerce website is extremely beneficial for selling goods and services online as well as collecting payment through an online payment system. An e-commerce plugging of this framework can be downloaded and installed for extending the default functionality of this framework for availing an online store on the website. Moreover, you can hire WordPress Web Designers for building an appealing e-commerce site.

Portfolio Website: You can show off your skills in designing, artwork, and many more with this website.

Membership website: This website permits the users to put content behind an account login or a paywall. For accessing posts or pages, users should pay for the content or log in. This framework is also beneficial for handling membership websites with added plugins.

Being one of the top-quality hiring platforms, Paperub.com facilitates both freelancers and recruiters. The recruiters are able to hire the best candidates for working in different areas like science, finance, business management, marketing, data entry, and more. So, here the employers find out the best professionals and hire WordPress Web Designers to get their job done.

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