Before getting an explanation about what logo design is let us get an idea about what a logo is. A logo can be defined as the face of a brand. In other terms, a logo refers to a design or a symbol that is used for recognizing an organization or a company along with its staff, products, services, etc. It appears as a simple piece of text or an image, but it is incredibly essential for a business to get identification and brand recognization. Logos appear as images or texts on the following:

  • Social media profiles
  • Business websites
  • Business cards
  • Marketing materials
  • Letterheads
  • Email signatures
  • Banners
  • Storefronts
  • Any place you want to get recognition

Logo design is one of the important factors of branding. Whether you opt for launching your business or rebranding your business, logo design makes your brand easily recognizable and offers visualization of what you stand for and what your business does.

What are the Different Types Logo Available?

There are different types of logo designs available in the market. The following are the most popular ones and they got official recognization from the designers:

  • Wordmarks: It is using the name as a logo. Two very popular examples are Disney and Google. This will be a good selection if you have a catchy name for your business. The success of this type of logo depends upon choosing the correct color palette and typography.
  • Pictorial marks: It is a single image that can represent a brand. Sometimes, a tagline is seen next to the image, but the logo is the universal symbol of the concerned brand even if seen without the tagline.
  • Lettermarks: It is similar to wordmarks but it contains letters. It is usually used to shorten the name of the business when the name of the business is very long for inclusion in a logo in the process of rebranding.
  • Combination mark: These types of logos are the combination of words or letters with symbols for making the logo memorable.
  • Mascots: This logo is generally used for products manufactured specifically for children and families. They integrate anthropomorphic elements into the symbol so the character represents the brand. 
  • Abstract logo marks: These types of logos utilize unique symbols. It is memorable, and simple but distinctive. 
  • Emblems: They usually combine imagery and words for creating a crest, badge, or seal-type design.

What are the Principles of Logo Design?   

A logo design should be like it can be recognized instantly and reflect the identity and essence of the brand. Following are the major principles of logo design are depicted below:

  • Simplicity: This is the first and foremost principle that should be considered while designing a logo. Designers always emphasize the simplicity of a logo because the clumsy look of a logo can put off the viewers as it looks untidy. A logo has a huge responsibility of representing the entire business, so a simple logo specifies cleanliness as well as effective and impactful. So, simple logo designs are one of the best techniques to acquire viewers.
  • Impressionable: A logo becomes useless if it is unable to leave an impression on the viewer at the very first look. Since every logo design is capable of winning or losing an audience, thus it becomes exceptionally important to appear as an impactful and memorable symbol.
  • Timelessness: It is another important principle of logo design that helps to make a logo modern yet timeless. The best logo is considered sophisticated and modern today for all the coming years.
  • Balanced symmetry: Shapes are very important while designing a logo because they can influence our psychologies. Effective and impactful logos are designed with balanced symmetry. Without providing accurate proportion to the images and shapes a logo cannot give appealing and aesthetic vibes to the viewers.
  • Versatility: It is another vital principle of logo designs. Before designing a logo, the designers should understand the purpose of the logo. It not only represents a particular company but also attracts its customers by appearing on different products such as t-shirts, ball pens, water bottles, etc.
  • Coherence: It can be said as an agreement between the typeface, graphics, and color. It helps to include unity among the design elements and create an amazing visual identity. So, when you take a look at the logo, a strong connection can be felt between the elements of the logo.

When it comes to hiring the most efficient freelance logo designer for your business then relying on would be the wisest decision. They always make sure to verify the freelancers before making their feedback score published. So that time-tested professionals can be identified easily for hiring purposes. is the leading marketplace for Logo Design freelancers to find jobs posted by employers and get paid.

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