Term & Conditions

These terms and conditions are provided by Paperub International Pvt. Ltd. ("Paperub").

We need your acceptance of these terms and conditions and the aforementioned policies before you may use our website.

You ("User," "you," or "your") and Paperub ("Paperub," "paper.com," "we," or "us") are entering into a legally binding contract by agreeing to the succeeding Conditions of Service, comprising the Privacy Policy, Fee & Changes, Cancellations & Refunds, Subscription Policy, and any other guideline, policy, or content that appear on the Website. When you access the paperub.com website, including any subdomains of this website, you are entering into a legally binding contract with paperub.com. These Terms of Service apply whether or not you use the services provided on the paperub.com website. At any time and without prior notice, we may alter our Terms of Service and any referenced policies or terms of service by changing this posting or the referenced materials. Unless otherwise stated in such a change, the updated terms shall become effective immediately upon posting.


    Paperub is a marketplace where businesses in need of professional services (the "Employers") may find, hire, and pay independent contractors (the "Freelancers") for their expertise. Freelancers and Employers may, among other things, use the Website's capabilities to perform the following.

    Employers: Users may set up profiles, publish projects, look for freelancers, engage in conversation, offer and accept bids, assign tasks, monitor progress, provide comments, and ultimately pay freelancers.

    Freelancers: Users may create profiles, showcase their skills, submit bids, negotiate with potential employers, win projects, send invoices, hear back from potential employers, and be paid.

    In addition, we provide Registered Users the services (as defined below), which are governed by these Terms of Service. With fair prior notice displayed on the Website, we reserve the right to add, remove, or alter part or all of such Services at any time at our sole discretion. The following definitions apply to capitalized terminology used throughout these Terms of Service:

    In this context, "Account" refers to the online profile that is generated by the Website once you sign up.

    Any percentage of the Freelancer's total service costs for a Project that the Paperub agrees to undertake in exchange for the Service Charges is referred to as the "Assumed Payment Liabilities" and is the responsibility of the Paperub.

    A "Dispute Resolution Service" is the one defined in Section 7.

    This document defines "Employer's Acceptance of Services" as:

    • A payment made by Employer to Paperub in settlement of an Invoice or
    • If any of the following happens before you withdraw your funds from the Safe Deposit Service:
      • There is an understanding between the company and the freelancer on who should get paid.
      • Both the company and the freelancer have completed the steps of the Dispute Resolution Service.

    The Paperub Invoice Service and the Paperub Safe Deposit Service are generally referred to as the "Paperub Billing and Payment Services."

    The "Paperub Invoice Service," as defined in Paragraph 5 below (A).

    What is meant by "Safe Deposit Service" is defined in Section 5? (B).

    Project Fees, Employer Payment Processing Fees, Freelancer Transfer Method Fees, and Dispute Resolution Service Fees are all examples of "Service Charges."

    When we talk about "Services," we're referring to anything from Paperub's billing and payment system to its dispute resolution mechanism and everything else.

    By "Website," you agree that Paperub's online destination at www.paperub.com, or any successor URL, is meant.

    1. Eligibility: You must be either a company or a person who is at least eighteen (18) years old and who is capable of entering into legally binding contracts to use our Services via our Website. You must agree to all of the terms and conditions that are linked to or incorporated by reference into these Terms of Service to register as a user. You understand and agree that your use of the Website and the purchase or delivery of services is contingent upon your compliance with the following terms and conditions:(1) follow the Service Agreement and all other policies, rules, and methods outlined on the Website, You agree to (2) be solely responsible monetarily for your usage of the Website and the purchase or delivery of services, and (3) abide by the terms of any accepted Project Agreement, unless doing so would violate applicable law or the Terms of Service.Paperub may deny service, suspend service, or cancel service at any time for any reason.

    2. Register: You need to create an Account to have access to the Services and become a Registered User. As required by the Website's registration form and any other forms you may access, you promise to give information that is true, accurate, and full and to keep this information up to date.

    3. Accounting and Personal Details
      1. General Upon becoming a Registered User of the Website, the Website will automatically establish your Account on paperub.com and assign it a unique account number.
      2. Login ID and Password Account credentials (username and password) will be requested upon signup. You, as a Registered User, acknowledge and agree that you are solely accountable for maintaining your username and password for accessing this Website secret at all times. You agree that Paperub may treat any activity on the Website that uses your username and password as activity by you or a person authorized to take action on your behalf. If you become aware of any suspicious activity related to your Account, you must contact us immediately.
      3. FreelancersTo submit bids for Projects, Freelancers utilize "proposals," as explained on the Website. Freelancers that need more suggestions in a given month may get them by buying a Proposal Pack, as detailed on the website. Paperub, in its sole discretion, and upon fair notice posted in advance on the Website, may modify membership costs, the monthly number of proposals included in the membership packages, or the price of Proposal Packs, or implement additional fees at any time. All membership fees are non-refundable. There will be no reimbursement of any kind for membership fees previously paid if we terminate your membership by these Terms of Service.
    1. To Employer and Independent Contractor
      1. Conclusive Understanding of a Project It is between an Employer and a Freelancer that the terms of a project's engagement, contract, and management are negotiated and agreed upon. The Employer consents to purchase, and the Freelancer agrees to distribute, the services and associated tasks in full compliance with (a) the terms of the contract between the Employer and the Freelancer, including the Requested Project, the Scope Of the project, and any other terms and commitments communicated by the Employer and the Freelancer through the Official Site or otherwise, (b) The Terms of Service, and (c) Any other materials, such as those posted by the Employer or the Freelancer, to the Official site. You must not make any agreements that contradict our Terms of Service. Project Agreement terms that run counter to these Terms of Service are null and invalid. The Project Agreement requires the employer to manage, examine, accept, and pay for quality services and deliverables in a timely way. Freelancer is accountable for the timely delivery of high-quality work in compliance with the terms of the Project Agreement. In carrying out the Project Agreement, both the Employer and the Freelancer promise to do their best and behave fairly and in good faith toward one another.
      2. Independence Freelancers and Employers both believe that they are in the position of independent contractors. No collaboration, joint - venture, corporation, or employer-employee relationship is intended or created by these Terms of Service between the Freelancer and the Employer, either between Paperub and any Employer or Freelancer. You acknowledge and agree that Paperub is not liable for any Program, Project terms, or Work Product and does not in any way oversee, direct, supervise, or assess Freelancers or their activity.
      3. End Result of Labor Unless an NDA is signed by both the Freelancer and the Employer, the Freelancer will provide the Employer with the Work Product (deliverable or result) of the Project Agreement through Paperub. According to the Project Agreement, Paperub has the right to request documentation at any moment.
    2. Authorized Members and Paperub
      1. When an Employer and a Freelancer work together on a Project, it is just the two of them who are involved in the negotiations, contracts, and delivery of the Work. Paperub disclaims any liability and makes no guarantees, express or implied, about the quality, safety, legality, or propriety of any services rendered or deliverables provided or marketed of project listings, the credentials, experience, or skills of Registered Users, the capacity of Freelancers to perform services, the financial stability of Employers to pay for services, or the likelihood that either an Employer or Freelancer will be able to or will complete a Project. Paperub does not participate in the selection, termination, punishment, or working conditions of a Freelancer, and thus cannot be held liable for the actions of any such individual. Employers and Freelancers are the only parties with any legal stake in the acquisition and selling of services or other deliverables. Nothing a Freelancer needs to finish a Project will be supplied by Paperub. All rights and responsibilities emerging from Project Agreements and any additional terms, conditions, depictions, or warranty claims related to such dealings are solely between the Employer and the Freelancer, and neither may rely on the other to implement or undertake any such terms, conditions, representations, or warranties.
      2. Third-Party Recipient of Project Agreement Each party to the Project Agreement recognizes and agrees that the value, reputation, and goodwill of the Website are contingent upon the faithful fulfillment of the covenants and commitments between Employer and Freelancer. To enforce the responsibilities owing to Paperub and the advantages bestowed on Paperub by these Terms of Service, both Employer and Freelancer thus acknowledge and agree that Paperub is a third-party beneficiary of their Project Agreement. To safeguard the value, reputation, and goodwill of the Website, both Employers and Freelancers agree that Paperub may take such steps about the Project Agreement or their Accounts, including, but not limited to, suspension, termination, or any other legal proceedings.
      3. Agency You and Paperub are not entering into an agency, franchise, partnership, or joint venture by these Terms of Service or your registration for or use of this Website, except when and to the extent specifically specified.
      4. Taxed, Users who are subject to taxes are solely responsible for their payment and disclosure. Paperub is not responsible for calculating the appropriate tax treatment or for remitting, collecting, or reporting any taxes that may be due. You promise to follow all federal, state, and local tax laws, regulations, and common law. Your Account will be suspended if Paperub gets the notification that it is not by any such law, rule, or regulation.
  4. Paperub FEES
    1. The Cost of Providing the Service, Part A When an employer pays a freelancer using Paperub's freelancer billing and payment services, Paperub deducts a charge from the payment.
      1. Investment Costs To use Paperub, all Freelancers must pay a Project Fee. Depending on the Freelancer's membership category on their profile, the Employer will be charged a fee that will be subtracted from the final project payment. One might expect to pay a freelancer a project fee of between 3 percent and 10 percent.
      2. Transaction Charge for Processing Employee Payments If an employer pays a freelancer, the freelancer will be charged an Employer Payment Processing Fee.
      3. Transfer Cost for Independent Contractors If a Freelancer requests payment to be sent through check, NEFT transfer, or PayPal, the Freelancer will be charged a Freelancer Transfer Method Fee, as detailed on the Website.
      4. Pricing for Alternative Dispute Resolution If an Employer uses Paperub's Dispute Resolution Service, Paperub will collect a Dispute Resolution Service Fee of Rs 500 or 5% (whichever is greater) of the total amount paid by the Employer to Paperub for the applicable project, regardless of the outcome of the dispute or any disbursements that may have resulted from it
    2. Membership fees, service fees, processing fees, and any other costs that may be levied by Paperub at any time are subject to change at any time, at Paperub's sole discretion, with fair notice posted in advance on the Website. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund for any pre-paid costs. There will be no reimbursement of any kind for membership fees previously paid if we terminate your membership by these Terms of Service.
    1. Paperub Invoice Service:

      With Paperub's Invoice Service, both freelancers and businesses can send and receive invoices and payments with ease.

      1. General As soon as a Project is finished for an Employer, the Freelancer will send an electronic invoice form ("Invoice") to Paperub over the Website. A Freelancer must submit an Invoice to Paperub after completing each Project. The Independent Contractor will supply Paperub with a detailed list of the information that should be included on the Invoice ("Invoice Details"), such as the number of hours performed, the amount of money owed, and a description of the Project(s). Until such a Freelancer confirms the correctness of the Invoice Details or waives the right to examine the Invoice Details, the Invoice Details are not final. By agreeing not to check the Invoice Details, the Professional authorizes Paperub to include all information included within. Paperub RECOMMENDS THAT ALL CONTRACTORS CHECK THE FACTS OF THEIR INVOICES. Paperub shall provide the Employer with an Invoice, and the Employer must provide Paperub the amount mentioned in the Invoice ("Payment"). Paperub will subtract the relevant Service Charges owing to Paperub as indicated on the Website from the Payment made by an Employer via the Paperub Invoice Service and then send the remaining Payment to the Freelancer./li>
      2. Problems with Invoices Employer agrees to pay any undisputed amounts within the time limits indicated above and to assist with Vendor in verifying any disputed amounts if Employer reasonably disputes any Invoice. For as long as an Employer has a reasonable disagreement about any portion of an invoice, the Freelancer will not be paid for the work in question. Any Payment (minus any relevant Service Charge) that Paperub is obligated to make is explicitly conditioned upon:
        • Paperub has been paid by the relevant Employer.
        • Settling any pending disputes over such Bills and/or Payments.
    2. Security Vault Deposits with the Safe Deposit Service, businesses may hand off some of their payment duties to Paperub.
      1. General If an employer asks Paperub to handle the payment for a freelancer's services, and the employer pays Paperub in advance for those services, Paperub will handle the payment for the freelancer's services (less applicable Service Charge). Freelancers will not be paid by Paperub unless an Employer has accepted those services. Upon transferring monies to Paperub, you agree that Paperub will immediately become the legal owner of those funds. If, however, (y) a Freelancer admits that services have not been accomplished, or (z) Employer and Freelancer have completed the procedures constituting the Dispute Resolution Service and the results demonstrate that Employer is the legitimate beneficiary of such funds, then Paperub tends to agree to refund such funds to Employer. If either Employer or Freelancer seeks a Dispute Settlement Service concerning the Assumed Payment Liability, Paperub shall keep both parties apprised of the progress of the request and advise them that the problem will be resolved via the Dispute Settlement Service.
      2. Arguments Over Safe Deposits Employer and Freelancer acknowledge that Paperub shall have no financial commitments to any party relating to the relevant payments until such disagreement is addressed in conformity with Section 6 below, even if the issue concerns the quality or completeness of services performed by such Freelancer. Any obligation on the part of Paperub to make a Payment (minus any applicable Service Charge) is explicitly conditioned to the settlement of any pending disputes about such Payment.
    3. Legal Relationship
      1. Funds sent to Paperub for any Assumed Payment Liabilities are not held on your behalf by Paperub.
      2. All payments made by Paperub to Freelancers for services performed for Employers must be duly discharged and credited to the appropriate Employers.
      3. Paperub facilitates online payments by developing, hosting, and offering freelancer billing and payment services. Paperub does not influence the content of the services that are billed or paid for using Paperub's services. Further, Paperub has no say over whether or not the underlying transaction between an Employer and Freelancer will be completed. Paperub assumes no liability for the timeliness or correctness of invoicing or the accuracy, completeness, or quality of work provided by a Freelancer in response to a granted Project.
      4. To use Paperub's Billing and Payment Services, you must agree to the following.
        • Administratively, Paperub provides Registered Users with billing and payment services without acting as a trustee or fiduciary on behalf of Employers or Freelancers.
        • The Paperub Billing and Payment Services are not banking services but instead merchant services. Paperub is not a "financial institution."
        • Paperub is not a bank, thus money sent via the service is not FDIC-insured and may be lost if the recipient doesn't pay or if the sender goes bankrupt.
    4. Other Financial Arrangements
      1. If a transaction is declined due to the Cardholder's spending exceeding a certain limit that has been predetermined by us and our acquiring bank, we will not be held liable for any losses or damages that may result, either directly or indirectly.
      2. When a payment is authorized, it is final. You agree to reimburse Paperub any sums that you permit us to withhold from purchases and, as applicable, charge to your credit card, bank account, or PayPal account by using the Paperub Billing and Payment Services. Once these types of payments have been approved, they cannot be reversed. After an organization accepts the services provided,
        • Any future obligation on Paperub's side for Payment for such services is expressly excluded.
        • About Employer's payment of Paperub's Assumed Payment Liability or Invoice, as applicable, Employer agrees that Paperub has performed the agreed-upon services in full and promptly.
        • The Employer thus absolves Paperub of all responsibility for the Payment.
      3. Chargebacks, Fraudulent Transactions, and Transactional Errors and Duplications If Paperub detects a fraudulent transaction, an error, or a duplicate transaction, or if Paperub gets a chargeback or reversal from any Employer's credit card company, bank, or PayPal for any reason, Paperub may demand compensation from you, and you agree to compensate Paperub. Paperub has the right to look into any transactions for signs of fraud, which you agree to and recognize. You also agree to help Paperub with any reasonable demands it makes throughout its fraud investigations. Paperub may seek recovery via any legitimate methods, including the use of a third-party collection agency, including billing your Account, withholding sums from future transfers, charging your credit card or any bank account linked with your Account, or otherwise. Your Account will be closed if you fail to pay any amounts owed as a result of a chargeback or payment reversal.
      4. Currency. Paperub is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of foreign exchange rate fluctuations that arise when billing or crediting a credit or debit card denominated in a currency other than INR or when receiving or making a payment via check, NEFT Transfer, credit card account, or PayPal account, as all of these services are conducted in INR.
      5. Adherence to the Principles of Non-circumvention and Exclusivity. To make first and subsequent payments to Freelancers, Clients agree to utilize the Paperub Billing and Payment Services. You also agree that you will not directly or indirectly take any action to avoid the Paperub Billing and Payment Services or any costs connected with them. Freelancers agree to utilize Paperub's Billing and Payment Services to collect first and subsequent payments from Employers found on the Website. You also undertake not to evade or otherwise avoid Paperub's Billing and Payment Services or any costs related to them.
      6. Notification. If you as an Employer become aware that your Freelancer is attempting to collect money from you outside of Paperub, you must immediately tell Paperub. You, as a Freelancer, promise to let Paperub know right away if your Employer tries to pay you in any way other than via the Website. Send an email to info@paperub.com if you want to make a private complaint to Paperub about any suspected violations of the preceding restrictions or any possible evasion of the freelancer Billing and Payment Services.
      7. A Financial Commitment. You undertake to pay Paperub any monies you have authorized to be paid through the Paperub Billing and Payment Services promptly upon demand if Paperub does not receive payment for any reason. You also agree to reimburse Paperub for any interest, legal fees, and other collection expenses incurred by Paperub in its pursuit of the permitted but unpaid sum. If this happens, Paperub has the right to cease accepting payments from you and allocate any funds held by Paperub on your behalf to any shortfalls, losses, or expenses we've incurred as a consequence of you using the Paperub Billing and Payment Services. We reserve the right to submit relevant information to relevant third parties (such as credit bureaus, banks, tax authorities, and law enforcement), and to assist fully with any investigation or prosecution that may come from such reporting.
      8. Competition Guaranteed. Once the prize money for a Guaranteed Contest has been paid, it cannot be refunded even if the customer requests the cancellation of the contest during the 24-hour grace period. If one of those things happens, the Guaranteed Contest will be called off and the prize money will be returned.

    Until you deposit an Opt-Out-Fee, as described below in "Section 7," you undertake to send and receive transactions only via Paperub for two years from the day you first encounter your Clients or Freelancer on the Website.

    You recognize and acknowledge that the Paperub Fee specified in Section 4 is a significant component of the money Paperub receives for making the Web site accessible to you. Service Fees are paid to Paperub only after a Client and a Freelancer completes a transaction on the Site. Therefore, you acknowledge utilizing the Site as your preferential method to demand, create, and end up receiving all payouts for work directly or indirectly with that party or originating out of your relationship with that party (the "Paperub Relationship") for 24 months from the time you identify or are identified by any party through the Site (the "Non-Circumvention Period"). For the preservation of dispute, the Non-Circumvention Period does not apply if you or the company you represented did not recognize and were not identifiable by another party via the Site, such as if you and then another User worked together before the meeting on the Site. The Non-Circumvention Period applies to you and any other employees, agents, or representatives of your company while acting in such a capacity about the other User if you use the Site in the course of your employment, agency, or representation.

    If anybody ever recommends that you make or accept payments outside of the Site in contravention of this Section 6, you will immediately inform Paperub. If you become aware of a violation or suspected violation of this non-circumvention agreement, you undertake to notify Paperub in a private report through email at legal-reports@Paperub.com.

    If you decide to stop using the Site because you don't agree to the updated Terms of Service or because you don't want to comply with certain conditions of using the Site (like the minimum rates supported on the Site), you can pay the Opt-Out Fee for each other User you want to keep on working with on whatever terms you accept after you stop using the Site.


      Only if the Client or potential Client or Freelancer pays Paperub an opt-out charge for every such connection (the "Opt-Out Fee") may you opt out of the obligations in Section 6 about each Paperub Relationship.

      This is how the Opt-Out Fee is calculated:

      • $3500; or
      • If the client gives the freelancer a job directly, the sum equals 20% of the expected annualized pay or compensation for one year; otherwise, it's none of the client'
      • All Service Fees that Paperub would receive from the Paperub Relationship during the Non-Circumvention Period, calculated using the annualized amount earned by Freelancer from Client during the most recent normalized 8-week period, or such shorter period for which data is available to Paperub;

      Instructions on how to submit payment for the Opt-Out Fee may be requested by sending an email to optout@paperub.com.

      Paperub or its Affiliated companies may, to the maximum extent allowed by law, (x) begin charging your Payment Method the Opt-Out Fee (including interest if allowed by law or forward you a bill for the Opt-Out Fee (including concern), which you consent to pay in less than 30 days, (y) close your Account and withdraw your approvals to use the Site and Site Services, and/or (z) start charging you for all losses arising from your violation of this Section 6.

    1. Eligibility Paperub's Dispute Resolution Service is available to Registered Users who are involved in a dispute over a Project and have asked Paperub to take all or part of the financial responsibility for the services in question. (i) In response to a job listing published on the Site by an Employer, (ii) in response to a bid placed on the Website for such a project by a Freelancer; and (iii) once the Employer has accepted the proposal through the Website. Employer and Freelancer agree and accept that this Section 6 shall apply to any disputes between them over the underlying fees for any and any Payment Liabilities.
    2. Process
      1. You undertake to arbitrate in good faith before Paperub for a business day any disagreement between Registered Users about a project that is qualified for Dispute Resolution Service. The 10 business day clock will start ticking from the day the party submits their request for the Dispute Resolution Service on the Website. You agree to signal your consent of such mediation through the Website and Paperub shall release monies in line with the conclusions of such mediation if they are acceptable to both parties in a dispute. You agree to submit any disputes between you and a Freelancer to binding arbitration as further set out below if you are unsatisfied with the progress or if ten (10) business days have passed after you alerted Paperub of the disagreement.
      2. Arbitration. You understand and agree that in the event of a disagreement between an Employer and a Freelancer that cannot be resolved via mediation, the issue will be arbitrated by these terms of Service and the Website by Paperub or a third party designated by Paperub.
      3. You agree that Paperub shall interpret any Project Agreement by the process of dealing typically followed in the relevant industry. In particular, the arbitrator must only be required to examine the following in making a decision: (i)Project Agreement (ii) the history of interactions between the parties as shown via their use of the Website or messages made through the Platform, (iii) The Project Itself and (iv) anything else that the Company and the Contractor mutually agree should be taken into account.
      4. If mediation fails, Paperub will make a judgment within five (5) business days. You should keep trying to reach a mutually agreeable resolution with the Freelancer in question throughout this period.
      5. Paperub's arbitration ruling will be final, and binding, and cannot be challenged by any party. Therefore, we shall transmit cash in line with the arbitrator's ruling as soon as practicable once we have issued a decision.
      6. You accept that even if you win the arbitration, you won't get any ownership or licensing rights to the project in issue. Any hard copies of the Project that you have are to be returned, and any digital copies are to be deleted.
    3. Communication You recognize and accept that
      1. Paperub will inform you and communicate with you about any issue through the email address associated with your Account as of the time the dispute arose.
      2. Any notice or message made by Paperub to the e-mail address associated with your Account at the time a dispute occurs is completely your responsibility to ensure you receive.
    4. Acknowledgements
      1. Paperub does not provide legal advice.
      2. Paperub will not provide legal counsel.
      3. To the extent that you feel the need for legal representation, you agree to go further than Paperub for such representation. Any costs or legal fees you incur as a consequence of utilizing the Dispute Resolution Service will be covered by you and not by Paperub or any of our affiliates. Do not ask Paperub to take on the Assumed Payment Liabilities unless you are willing to employ this Dispute Resolution Service under these conditions.
    1. By accessing the Website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service, and that agreement will remain in force until either you or Paperub terminates your Account as described below in Section.
    2. By accessing the Website, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Service, and that agreement will remain in force until either you or Paperub terminates your Account as described below in Section.
      If a transaction is still active between you and another Accredited User, (1) Paperub will keep providing the services required to close the deal. (2) Your obligation to pay Paperub and any Freelancer for any services rendered to the date of termination will remain in effect.
    3. We retain the right to send you a warning, temporarily ban, definitively revoke, or terminate your Account or a Project, and to refuse to provide you with any or all services if you: (1) breach any of the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service or the accompanying guidelines and data included herein by references, in especially our written rules and regulations posted on the Website, in text or essence. under (2) Any information you supply cannot be verified or authenticated by us, or (3) Your conduct, in our sole judgment, may expose you, our Registered Users, or Paperub to legal responsibility or is counter to the interests of the Website. If you don't have the right to access the website, it is requested to not register for the website using the registered or any other account.
    4. If you delete or close your Account, you may lose access to any information, communications, files, and other content that you stored on the Website. All of your prior comments and suggestions may be erased along with this content.

    These Terms of Service and the Paperub Privacy Policy govern your use of the Website and the services offered within. You should read the Paperub Privacy Policy, which is referenced here, and save a copy of it for your records; doing so is your obligation. The Privacy Policy is available on the Site and is subject to change. We regret that we cannot promise that your data will not be shared in methods other than those specified in our Privacy Policy. You agree that we may release any information we deem necessary or appropriate to comply with the legal process, including responding to subpoenas from government or law enforcement agencies or third parties.

    1. Content Created by Registered Users
      1. Your postings on our Official site, comprising but not restricted to (a) audio, clip, or pictorial content (collectively, "Multimedia Content"), (b) postings or listings made in any public notice area, through whatever email attribute, or via Paperub's feedback characteristic (collectively, "Non-Multimedia Content"), and (c) other content of a confidential nature, such as but not limited to your curriculum vitae, biography, employment record, and quality of work, are your sole responsibility. Subject to the permissions granted herein, you will continue to own any Multimedia Content and Personal Content.
      2. Your rights to any textual or text-based content on Paperub are hereby assigned to Paperub. About the Multimedia Content, you confer us a non-exclusive, globally, everlasting, royalty-free, immutable ability to exercise all copyright and advertising rights about the Media Content and to use such You grant us the non-exclusive, worldwide, permanent, royalty-free, and absolute permission to make use of Personal Content to deliver the Services, and you grant us the right to utilize Multimedia Content for promotional purposes and to advertise Paperub goods and services.
      3. In other words, your data must not: (a) breach any third-party obligations, such as property rights, publicity, or privacy; or (b) be slanderous, commercially defamatory, threatening, or harassing. c) Include pornographic material or be otherwise offensive.
      4. We are not responsible for any content, including personal information, placed on the Website by Registered Users and we do not endorse the opinions expressed therein. If you publish content to the Website that we deem objectionable, we retain the right to take any action, including but not limited to terminating your Account, that we deem appropriate. The information that you or other Registered Users or other content providers make public via our system, however, is not under our control, and we make no effort to monitor or police it.
    1. Statements and Agreements by Registered Users All Registered Users make the following statements and agreements:
      1. permission to use a Registered User's Account only to those who have been specifically permitted to do so by the Registered User and only in line with these Terms of Service.
      2. Agree to bear all responsibility and liability for the activities of anybody who uses your Account.
      3. Refrain from accessing or using the Account, user name, or password of another Registered User unless you have been permitted to do so.
      4. Do not share your Account details with anybody who is not authorized to use them.
      5. To refrain from employing any device, program, or routine intended to harm or disrupt the functioning of the Site or any transactions being undertaken through the Website, such as but not limited to viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, robots, or denial-of-service cyberattacks.
      6. Website users are prohibited from exploiting or intending to steal any device, information, or personally identifiable information.
      7. In no way to engage in "spam" or other unsolicited mass emailing practices that place an excessive or unreasonably significant demand on the Website's infrastructure.
      8. That it has the necessary authorization to engage in these Terms of Service and to carry out its obligations hereunder.
      9. That they're utilizing the site to do genuine business with other Registered Users, and nothing else.
      10. Should not use the Site or its features to defraud or deceive any individual or entity, including, but not confined to, Paperub or any Registered User
    2. Disclaimer of Warranties
    3. Liability Restrictions
    4. Paperub (and our officials, administrators, dealers, affiliates, joint ventures, and staff) are freed from all claims, demands, and extensive damage (absolute and consequential) of any kind and character arising from or in any way connected to any disagreement between you and any other Registered User.
    5. Indemnity. You undertake to defend, keep harmless, and defend Paperub from and against all cost, responsibility, loss, harm, cause of action, claims, lawsuits, procedures, demands, or activity filed by a third party against Paperub, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs. (1) concerning your use of the Services, including any financial commitments made through the Paperub Billing and Payment Services, (2)Consequently for a) How you're using the Website (b) Your voluntary disclosure of credit-related data, such as financial data, through the Website; (c) your free will in placing ads and accepting deals from other Registered Users; (d) Any complaints regarding violation of contract or any other complaints filed by the registered user with whom you partnered to do business; (e) if you break any of the rules in these TOS; (f) any obligation stemming from payments' or any part thereof tax treatment; (g) the actions of any Registered User, whether they be negligent or malicious. (h) everything you do or fail to do about paying any Freelancer; (i) your disputing or not paying any Invoice or other Payment; or (j) any duties you may have to a Freelancer. The following conditions shall apply to any such indemnification: (i) giving you written notice of the claim, demand, action, cost, responsibility, loss, or threat of any such thing; (ii) assisting you in the defense of, or settlement of, such claims or actions; and (iii) giving you a say in how the case is defended or settled. We get to choose our defensive team and pay for them, too. If we discover unlawful conduct, we have the right to report it to the proper authorities.
    6. Links Website may include links to third-party websites that are not claimed or maintained by Paperub. These links are provided only as a courtesy to our readers; we are not accountable for the content of any linked site, or any link contained within a linked site.
    7. Data You are in charge of making, storing, and backing up all company records. Nothing in these Terms of Service or your registration for or use of this Website afterward will be interpreted as giving Paperub any obligation to store, backup, keep, or provide access to any information or data for any term.
    1. Customers may help encourage an online contest offered on the Website by submitting a Contest Synopsis and spending the Contest Prize by following the instructions we give. All Contests must be operated and promoted by all relevant laws, and any Buyer who promotes a Contest agrees to and accepts full responsibility for doing so. We are not responsible for any damage a User incurs as a result of participating in a Contest, including any damage incurred (or fines imposed) as a result of breaking the law.
    2. Participants can upload their contributions in the required picture formats on the Website. Submissions must follow the guidelines in the Contest Brief and not violate anyone's IPR. Ineligible entries may be removed by the Buyer or us if they are found to violate any Intellectual Property Rights, and appropriate action may be taken against the infringer by our Copyright Infringement Policy.
    3. The Purchaser may choose the winning Entrant(s) in a frequent payment method Contest, and if no winner is selected within 30 days of the Contest's deadline date, the Contest Prize will be reimbursed to the Buyer; or the Buyer may choose the winning Seller(s) in an assured Contest, and if no winner is announced, we will discharge the Contest Award to Applicants of the assured Contest and charge the approximate cost to the Buyer. We retain the right to disburse the reward to the winning freelancers 30 days after the contest ends. In the very unlikely event that a Guaranteed Contest does not get sufficient eligible entries, we have the right to provide a refund for the related funds.
    4. Just after Competition Prize is awarded, the Buyer and the winning Entrant(s) will join into a Contest Handover, and the Competition Prize will be planned to release to the champion of the Competition once the winner(s) have submitted the winning entry (and any system or process related to the entry) to the Buyer (unless the Buyer disputes the entry, in that case, the dispute must be settled between both the Buyer and winning Entrant(s) before releasing the Competition Prize to the winner(s).
    5. Representatives of the contest host's immediate family, friends, and acquaintances are not eligible to enter.
    6. It is our policy that under no conditions will a user be issued a refund for fees paid for "FEATURED," "TOP CONTEST," "URGENT," "SEALED," etc. add-ons.
    7. It should be made clear that the Buyer has no authority over any submissions other than the selected winners. If the Buyer is also running a similar contest on another service, it is prohibited for the Buyer to do any or all of the following: (1) promote the Contest on the Website; (2) accept or request entries from Sellers through any means other than the Website; (3) award another Account in a manner that could be interpreted as collusion.

    Anyone over the age of 18 and in possession of an Internet connection is eligible to apply to join, with a few limitations. We are pleased to facilitate a successful community of freelancers from all over the world but regret that not all applications may be accepted.

    You are responsible for meeting any work permission requirements in your country or region of residence. Unless your situation fits one of the exceptions listed below, we are unable to provide you with guidance on whether or not you may utilize Paperub.

    Paperub is unable to do business with residents of certain countries due to legal restrictions. Account registrations and platform use are unavailable to businesses and individuals in the following countries:

    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Syria
    • Cuba
    • Sudan

    ...and anywhere else where it's prohibited to do so (this changes occasionally)

  13. Constrained or Forbidden Activities
    • Gambling
    • Playing Video Games Online
    • Products & Services for Adults
    • Investment strategies that promise instant wealth
    • Credits in a video game or virtual environment
    • Money exchange services
    • Trade and commerce in digital money
    • Remittance payments

    Misuse of Paperub by engaging in actions that are either against the terms of service or otherwise inappropriate.

    1. All rebates and discounts are final and cannot be exchanged for cash.
    2. Each service may only get a discount or cashback offer once during the promotion period.
    3. Unless otherwise specified in the Offer specifications, all discounts, and cash-back amounts are capped at INR 499.
    4. The customer is not entitled to a return if the services or performances were either not provided or were refunded.
    5. In the absence of a specific reference in the Offer Details, Paperub Credits may only be utilized up to a maximum of 10% of the total payment amount.
    6. Paperub may terminate or alter any campaign at any time.
    • Respect for the Law Remembers that access to the material of this Website may not be lawful for some individuals or in specific nations and that it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with relevant Indian laws, rules, and agreements.
    • Incorporation of Changes and Waivers No change or waiver by Paperub of any of our rights or obligations under such Conditions of Service will be effective if it is not in written and signed by an authorized representative of Paperub. Paperub's rights and remedies shall not be diminished or waived because the company chose not to exercise them immediately.
    • Severability If any section of these Terms and Conditions is determined to be incorrect, the incorrect section will be maintained to the greatest extent permitted by law, and the other terms will remain in full force and effect.
    • Change of Title or Assignment All of your rights and duties (including your Account) under these Terms of Service are personal to you, and you may not transfer, assign, or delegate them to any other party without Paperub's prior written consent. These Terms of Service are assignable at Paperub's discretion.
    • Forcible Circumstances Neither party will be responsible for the inability to perform or any postponing in the effectiveness of any responsibility hereunder due to labor disruptions, mishaps, fires, floods, telecommunication services or Internet failures, strikes, insurgencies, violent protests, revolts, roadblocks, government actions, governmental requirements and regulations or constraints mandated by law, or similar circumstances beyond the effective control of such party, except for the payment of fees to Paperub. Because of the delay, the other party has more time to fulfill its obligations.
    • NoticeAny notice usually needed or authorized to be given hereunder shall be in written form and is considered to have been dutifully given if personally handed, sent by pre-paid telex, telefax, or text message, or mailed first-class, postage prepaid, by authorized or certified mail (notices sent by telex, telefax, or telegram is considered to have been given on the date sent; those mailed is deemed that it has been given ten (10) business days
    • In addition to the costs that Paperub itself charges, you are also responsible for paying any taxes that may be imposed on any earnings you may have as a result of using Paperub (including withholding tax, if applicable). If a Freelancer or Employer does not reply to a Request within a reasonable amount of time, Paperub retains the right to take the necessary action automatically or manually.

    If the Cardholder's current balance is more than the preset maximum collectively decided upon by us and our acquiring bank from time to time, we, as the merchant, will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred either directly or indirectly resulting from the decline of permission for the Transactions.

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