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Take your career to the next level

Being a Preferred Freelancer means you are part of an elite group of top talent, with exclusive access to Recruiter, Technical Co-Pilot™ and premium Enterprise projects.

Exclusive invitations to high value projects

Preferred Freelancers get personal invites every day from our Recruiter team to bid on their premium projects and opportunities from our Enterprise clients.

Say goodbye to upfront charges

Preferred Freelancers enjoy a preferential fee payment plan, only paying commission fees on Recruiter projects once milestones are released.

Premium support

Our Preferred Freelancers enjoy exclusive personalised support from our PFP team.

How do you become a Preferred Freelancer?

Freelancers who want to be part of the program must meet the following requirements and pass a comprehensive exam and vetting in order to be considered:

Top 3% overall ranking

Preferred Freelancers are elite professionals in their chosen skill sets.

Exceptional service

The days of being average are over. What do you bring to the table that is exceptional?

Undertake extensive vetting

You will undergo an extensive interview and vetting before you are admitted.

Perfect profile

You must have a professional profile and portfolio of work suitable for enterprise customers.

Pristine track record

A track record of exceptional success with no warnings, penalties or poor reviews

Become certified

To qualify you must rank in the Preferred Freelancer entrance exam.

Frequently asked questions

How do Recruiters contact me?

A recruiter will reach out via our on-site chat, sending you links for projects. If you are interested in the project they send, all you need to do is bid on it. If you are not interested, you can simply ignore their messages.

How do I achieve the Top 3% overall ranking?

The ranking for each one of your skills is based upon your earnings and reviews on Paperub in projects that have those skill. In order to increase your overall ranking, you need to continue working, successfully completing projects and receiving good reviews.

Does being part of the program mean that I won't pay anymore upfront fees?

Preferred Freelancers do not pay upfront fees on Recruiter projects. On regular projects the fee structure remains the same.

Do I have to pay any fees to be part of the program?

Entering the Preferred Freelancer Program is free of charge. Once you enter, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements and respect the rules, you will remain as a Preferred Freelancer. The only difference is that on Recruiter projects only, the fees are 15%, but as mentioned above, those are not paid upfront.

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