Paperub Fees and Charges

For Employers


Anyone may join up, post a job, get bids, evaluate candidates, and communicate with candidates at no cost. If you decide to go with our recommended bidder, we'll charge an introduction fee equal to a percentage of the total bid amount.

The amount and basis for this fee's calculation vary with each distinct project.

You will be charged a fee equal to 3% of the contract price or 150.00 INR (whichever is larger) when you hand out work for a fixed price. To be clear, the project fee will be applied to any payments made to Paperub that is more than the amount originally offered.

Each payment made to Paperub for an hourly job will include a 3% charge.

For up to seven (7) days after a project has been approved, you may discontinue it from your dashboard and get a full refund.

Improvements to the project may be made if desired.


To run a contest, companies need to put up money equal to the entire reward at the moment the contest is announced. This cash award is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are unhappy with the submitted submissions for any reason within 30 days of the contest's conclusion, your money will be refunded in full. If you need a refund, all you have to do is get in touch with support.

Please be aware that refunds are not provided for "Guaranteed competitions," and that this refund does not cover any contest enhancements you may have purchased. You will not get a refund if you have already chosen a winning entry and handed over the prize money to the winner.

Employers are not required to pay a fee to host or win the tournament.

Prize money for each extra entry won must be paid in full.

Competition enhancements are available for purchase.


Employers are obligated to pay for the whole cost of a service at the moment it is ordered. Paperub Milestone Payout System guarantees the payment. Keep the money locked up until you're completely satisfied with the results.

For Freelancers

Signing up for Paperub, creating a profile, selecting skill sets of projects you're interested in, uploading a portfolio, receiving project notifications, talking about details of the project with the employer, bidding on projects (free members initially receive 6 bids per month), and participating in events are all free.

Bid enhancements are available at an additional cost and may help get a bid noticed


If you are granted a fixed-price project and decide to accept it, we will charge you an introduction fee equal to a percentage of the total value of the chosen bid. We shall apply the project fee to any amounts received from you that are more than the amount originally bid.

If you're being paid by the hour, the charge will be deducted from your wages as they come in from your employer.

Projects with a set price incur a 10% cost, whereas those with an hourly rate incur a 10% fee.


Competition entry submissions are always free. There is a price associated with winning a contest. After winning the contest and handing over your entry paperwork to the contest organizer, the reward will be released and you will be required to pay this fee before you can claim your prize.

The charge for entering a Paperub competition is 10% of the prize money or 250.00 INR, whichever is larger


There is a 20% service fee of the total service cost if you are later employed to carry out the Service. This is taken out of the total amount owed to you at the time the service is requested.

Preferred Paperub Program

If you are a member of the Preferred Paperub Program and are offered and accept a project via Recruiter, you will be subject to a 15% project fee. It won't be included at the beginning of the project as it usually is, but rather when the money is handed over.

Refunds as Bonus Credits

You may get a bonus credit instead of a full refund for your service expenses. You are not allowed to cash out or transfer this incentive, and it must be utilized on the spot. If you get a bonus, it will be valid for just 90 days from the date of receipt.

0% Fees Promotion

Any subsequent jobs completed by the referring freelancer for the referred employer will incur no fee (instead of the standard 10%) from This incentive is available to freelancers who recommend businesses that do not yet have an account on but sign up for one.

The following are the caveats to this:

3% Quote Fee

Paperub charges a 3% project fee on every work completed for a Freelancer and a new external Client once the Freelancer has been issued a quotation. The Paperub project commission for receiving a bid from a new external Client is zero percent.

  1. A "New Client" is a customer who has never signed up for previously.
  2. If a customer has more than one account, they are not eligible for the discount.

The following are the caveats to this:

Membership Plans

You may tailor the cost of our service to your budget by choosing from many different membership tiers. Whether you're an employer or a freelancer, you may use the site for free, but paying members have access to premium features.

Monthly and yearly memberships will automatically renew on the subscription anniversary unless canceled. If there isn't enough money to cover the renewal, we'll keep trying to keep you as a member for up to 30 more days.

Canceling your membership via your account settings will result in no further charges being applied to your account after your current payment cycle.

Check out our membership plans now!

Other Fees


Additional charges for the following amenities are available upon request. Unless otherwise stated in a premium membership plan’s perk:

Posting a Project Free
Featured ₹ 590.00 INR
Urgent ₹ 590.00 INR
Private ₹ 1290.00 INR
Full Time ₹ 13434.00 INR
Recruiter ₹ 645.00 INR
Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) ₹ 1290.00 INR
IP Agreement ₹ 1290.00 INR
Sealed ₹ 590.00 INR
Priority ₹ 250.00 INR
Extend ₹ 500.00 INR


Here are some of the extra costs that may be incurred for the following features. Except as may be specifically provided for under the terms of a paid membership plan:

Posting a Project FREE
Awarding Contest FREE
Awarding to additional freelancers FREE
Guaranteed FREE
Featured ₹ 1500.00 INR
Top Contest ₹ 1500.00 INR
Urgent ₹ 2160.00 INR
Highlight ₹ 750.00 INR
Sealed ₹ 1500.00 INR
Private ₹ 1000.00 INR
Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) ₹ 1000.00 INR
Extend Costs:
3 days = 15% of contest prize
5 days = 20% of contest prize
7 days = 30% of contest prize
14 days = 40% of contest prize
21 days = 20% of contest prize
Half of the costs will be used to increase the contest prize(rounded to the nearest whole number)

Bid Fees

Bidding on projects FREE
Sponsored Bid 0.75% of bid amount(minimum $5.00 USD, maximum $20.00 USD)
Highlight Bid ₹ 50.00 INR
Sealed Bid ₹ 5.00 INR

Contest Entry Fees

Submit an Entry FREE
Sealed Entry ₹ 30.00 INR
Highlight Entry ₹ 30.00 INR

Directory Fees

Directory Sponsorship As selected at time of sponsoring(minimum ₹ 2500.00 INR)


Taking an exam Dependent on exam. As specified prior to purchase. Typically either free, ₹ 200.00 INR, ₹ 400.00 INR or ₹ 800.00 INR

Transaction Fees

Transaction fees incurred for using Credit Card,Paypal or Skrill.* ₹ 15.00 INR + 2.3%
Local Bank Deposit FREE
International Wire Transfer ₹ 750.00 INR

*Credit/debit card purchases from Australian users cost $0.30 AUD + 0.99%.

Arbitration Fees

Any disputes regarding milestones must be submitted to arbitration for 380.00 INR (or 5%, whichever is larger).

Our dispute resolution process is set up so that the parties may work out their differences over milestone payments without resorting to a third-party arbitrator.

After 4 days (or 7 days if the issue is submitted by the freelancer), any party may choose to bring the dispute to paid arbitration. There will be a grace period of four days after that during which the other side might agree to pay the charge and both can submit any remaining proof. The opposite side will lose the case if payment is late.

If you end out on top after an arbitration, you get your money back.

Withdrawal Fees

Depending on the withdrawal method, fees may be imposed. Some withdrawal methods may incur additional costs from a third party.

Express Withdrawal FREE
Paypal FREE
Skrill(Moneybookers) FREE
Payoneer Debit Card FREE
International Wire ₹ 1250.00 INR

After fees, the smallest amount you may withdraw is US$30.

Maintenance Fees

We impose a monthly maintenance cost of up to USD 12.00 for profiles that haven't been used for 6 months to cover the costs of maintaining the user's information, portfolio archiving, directory listing, provision of the hireMe services, data storage, and message storage. If the user deactivates their account and then reactivates it, they will get a refund for the associated payments.


Depending on the user's place of residence or registration, they may be subject to additional taxes at the prevailing rate and according to the applicable regulations.

Australia - Goods and Service Tax (GST) 10%
Chile - Value Added Tax (VAT) 19%
European Union - Value Added Tax (VAT) VAT Rates
India - Tax Collected at Source (TCS) 1%
India - Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) 1%/5%
Mexico - Income Tax Withholding 1%/20%
Mexico - Value Added Tax (VAT) 16%
Russia - Value Added Tax (VAT) 20%
Switzerland - Value Added Tax (VAT) 7.7%

India Equalization Levy Reimbursement

As a result of the treaty, independent contractors are no longer responsible for withholding the Equalization Levy. This assessment is being reimbursed to you rather than charged.

Indian Resident Indian Resident Freelancer 2% charged to Freelancer on gross earnings
Indian Resident Other Client 2% charged to Client on gross milestone payments
Othert Indian Resident Freelancer 2% charged to Freelancer on gross earnings
Other Other N/A N/A

* Paperub and its affiliates do not provide expert legal, accounting, or tax services. This info has been produced only for educational reasons and should not be utilized in place of professional legal, financial, or tax advice. You should seek the advice of your tax, legal, and financial professionals.

User Agreement

Paperub's User Agreement and associated site regulations control the fees and charges detailed on this page. It is recommended that you read the User Agreement in its entirety since it contains other relevant provisions. In particular, if you violate the User Agreement, you will face the repercussions outlined in section 23. Penalties for breaking the User Agreement might include paying for the costs Paperub incurs as a result of the violation.

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