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What is C++?

C++ refers to a general-purpose coding and programming language. It is used for developing operating systems, browsers, and applications. Apart from that, it is also used for programming games, data structures, computer engineering, etc.

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Why Would You Find C++ Software Development Jobs Online from

In other words, C++ can be represented as a cross-platform programming language that is used for creating high-performance applications. It developed as an extension to the C language and it provides the programmers with a high level of controlling power over system memory as well as resources. This language has evolved and most specifically 4 times in 2011 (C++11), 2014 (C++14), 2017 (C++17), and 2020 (C++20). Leverage your professional network, and hire C Plus Plus programming freelancers. Find C++ Software Development Jobs online which added daily.

It is one of the most popular languages of programming around the world. It is found mostly in today’s GUI (Graphical User Interfaces), operating systems, and embedded systems. It is a portable language that is used for developing applications that are capable of adapting to multiple platforms. Moreover, this programming language is object-oriented which provides an understandable structure and permits code to be used again thus helping in reducing development costs.

Features of C++

There are several features of the C++ programming language that are briefly discussed below:

  • Simple: It is a simple programming language as it provides an organized approach (for breaking the issues into parts), a superior set of data types, library functions, etc.
  • Abstract data types: In this programming language, complex data types are called ADT or Abstract Data Types which can be built using classes.
  • Intermediate programming language: Since this language consists of both high-level language and low-level language, it is termed an intermediate or mid-level language. It is extremely beneficial for developing system applications like the driver, kernel, etc.
  • Portable: It is a portable language so the programs that are developed in it have the capability of running on multiple platforms.
  • Rich library: It offers several in-built functions that help in making development fast. Here are the libraries that are used in C++ language programming: ˂iostream˃, ˂cstdlib˃, ˂cmath˃, ˂fstream˃.
  • Structured programming language: Since this is a structured language of programming, a program can be divided into multiple parts by using functions.
  • Quicker compilation: The programs of this language have a tendency to be compact and run faster. Hence the time for compilation and execution of this language is fast.
  • Memory management: It provides efficient techniques of management. Several operators of memory management helps in saving memory and improving the efficiency of the program. These operators are responsible for the allocation and de-allocation of memory at run time. Some of the common operators of memory management available in C++ are delete, new, etc.
  • Recursion: Functions can be called within the function in this programming language. Moreover, it offers reusability of code for each function.
  • Pointer: It also offers the features of pointers. Pointers can be used for structures, functions, memory, array, etc. Users can directly communicate with the memory with the help of pointers.
  • Object-oriented: In this language, object-oriented programs like encapsulation, data hiding, and data abstraction can be implemented easily with the use of keyword class, public, private, and specifiers of protected access. The object-oriented feature is helpful in making process development and management easier.
  • Errors are easily detected: Maintenance of C++ programs is much easier as it can be located easily and then rectified. Furthermore, it also offers an ‘exceptional handling’ feature for handling errors in the program.

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Advantages of C++

The following are the advantages of C++ language over other programming languages:

  • Object-oriented: It is a programming language that is object-oriented which indicates its main focus on objects and administrations around the objects. So, it becomes easier for manipulating code.
  • Compiled: in other programming languages, no compilation is needed. But every code of this programming language is required to be compiled first to a low-level language and after that, it can be executed.
  • SpeedC++ is always preferred due to its speed. The time of compilation and execution of the programs written in this language is much faster than in any other programming language.
  • Pointer Support: It strongly supports pointers which are mostly unavailable in other languages of programming.
  • Rich library support: STL or standard Template Library of this language has several functions for writing code quickly.
  • Closer to Hardware: Since this language is closer to hardware, this becomes very useful for the areas where software and hardware are coupled together along with low-level support.

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