The employment market is competitive, so any advantage you may get is welcome. The concept of submitting a job proposal has gained traction in many industries and may get the interest of hiring managers and keep it long enough for them to read your pitch. Just as with cover letters and resumes, there are several rules you should follow to ensure a polished, professional appearance.

1) Advice on Searching for a Job Through the Internet

To improve your chances of discovering the GOOD jobs that are out there, we also suggest that you not spend too much time looking for work.

Effective Keyword Searching

Use Keywords like "website design," "SEO writing," and "Tour & travel," as opposed to the more generic "web designer," "copywriter," and "travel writer," when doing a keyword search for freelance work.

Examine often, but not excessively

You might spend countless hours looking for work (and we do advise doing this when you initially start so you can have a clear understanding of what type of work you can offer), but if you're eager to get started earning, restrict your active searches to once or twice a day.

Invest your time where it’s worth

There is a reluctance on the part of clients to enhance their allocated spending amounts. Don't bother applying if you can't do the task for the ridiculously little budget, they've already given you. Never criticize and forced them to increase the pay as it will lead to a total waste of time. Everyone knows their worth and always be confident about it.

2) Work Proposal Submission Guidelines

So, you've identified some promising career opportunities. The moment has come to learn how to schedule the submission of a captivating and persuasive proposal.

Be one of a few

You should submit a proposal as soon as possible. If fifteen or more bids have already been made for work, you usually should not bother with it unless you can add value to the client's experience by offering something unique. Similarly, if the position was advertised three weeks ago but has yet to be filled, it is worthwhile to apply.

Comprehend the job description

Although it may seem like common sense, it's important to read the job description carefully and make sure your proposal addresses all of the requirements. Some job postings are intentionally cryptic or don't provide you with all the information you need before applying, and these aren't always the best opportunities. It's okay to ask questions in your proposal or post them on PPH's Clarifications Board if you're unsure whether you fully grasp a concept or not. A GOOD customer will appreciate an answer to a reasonable query or explanation.

Showcasing with examples

This is when doing (little! pieces of) free work might come in handy. Clients don't care where you've created or posted your work, but if you have a professional-looking sample of your work on a website that isn't yours, that's plenty - particularly if it's related to the task they want you to accomplish.

Be Reasonable

Although confidence in one's abilities is always welcome, boasting to an extreme is usually seen with skepticism. Telling the truth about your abilities is significantly more effective than making false claims. So always be reasonable in what you can do and what you can’t.


At Paperub, it’s easy and beneficial to search as well as proposed for the desired job you are looking for. Your professional career must not be withheld by a lack of information regarding searching as well as how to propose for it. Keep searching and work as how you like. 

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