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This Privacy Policy is provided by Paperub International Pvt. Ltd. ("Paperub") to inform you of our policies and procedures regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of information through (the "Site") and any other websites, characteristics, software, widgets or online services that are directly controlled by Paperub and that post a link to this Privacy Policy (together with the Site, the "Service"). You'll learn about how your data may be used, how you may get access to that data, and what steps you can take to keep that data accurate and up to date. Keep in mind that we merge all of the data we get about you, whether online or offline.
By accessing or using the Service, you consent to the collection, disclosure, and use of data by this Privacy Policy. It is important to keep in mind that the Service may not always provide the features or services that are mentioned in this Privacy Statement. In addition, our Terms of Service, located at, regulate your usage of the Service.
By using the website, you consent to the procedures indicated in this Policy.


Paperub is a platform that brings together businesses and independent contractors. Clients (anyone using the Paperub platform to request services to be done by a Freelancer) and Freelancers (anyone offering such services) may both be clients of the Service (any company, individual user, or groups of associated individual users or companies utilizing the Paperub platform to offer services to Clients). Clients who are Freelancers themselves may utilize the site to find and hire freelance workers.

Data You Share with Us

Knowledge Acquired from Outside Sources

We may supplement the data we collect about you with data provided by third parties. We may also augment the data we collect with information from other sources, such as public records or information provided by third parties under a co-marketing agreement or at your request (such as if you choose to sign in with a third-party service). We will handle any information we acquire from third parties and combine it with data collected via the Service by this Privacy Policy.

Information Collected from Users Automatically

When you explore or engage with the Services, we and our third-party service providers, such as analytics and third-party content providers, may automatically gather some data about customers. Data may also include, but is not constrained to, the user's browser and windows type, the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, the advertiser or website from which the user accessed the Service, the user's search query terms, the user's activity on the Service in terms of the pages visited, and other information typically passed between browsers and webpages. We may merge this data obtained from the server records with other information we have gathered about customers. This is done to enhance the quality of our marketing, analytics, and site features for your benefit.
If you visit the Service through a computer, mobile phone, tablet, or another device, we will additionally collect that device's Internet Protocol ("IP") address, location data (if permitted), or other unique identification ("Device Identifier"). Our servers recognize your device by its Device Identifier, which is a number that is either automatically issued to or associated with the device through which you use the Service. The precise location of a user's mobile device at the time-of-Service usage may also be made available to us or our third-party service providers by certain mobile service providers.

Automatic data collection from Paperub users may make use of the following methods:

For the sake of security and detecting fraud activities, we and our partners around the world, advertisers, researchers, and service providers also utilize a wide range of custom technologies (including tags).
User Personas Personal Information, photographs, examples of work, information on previous work executed via the Service and outside the Service, abilities, hourly pay rates, revenue from Paperub, feedback/rating data, and other information, including your username, may be included in the profile that you create (your "Profile"). Depending on your privacy settings, the information in your Profile may be seen by other Paperub Users and the public at large. To control who sees what you publish to your profile, you may make changes to your account settings. You may ask us to delete a profile that was made about you without your permission by sending an email to
Write to us at if you'd want us to take down your profile. If by chance we are not able to delete your account and the information associated with it, we will keep you updated on why we can’t delete it.


To offer and enhance the Services, to execute your requirements, to detect fraud, to present you with data and advertisements that may interests you, to adhere to the law, and as otherwise authorized with your permission, we may use the data we gather about you via the Service.




Information gathered by Paperub will not be shared in any way with other parties. Except when disclosure is necessary to fulfill your service request, Paperub will not disclose any of your personal information to any third parties.
Service providers regulated organizations (such as financial institutions), related businesses, and business partners are among the third parties with which we disclose your information. We also explain why we do this in the next section.


Network marketers, advertising companies, data analysis service providers, as well as other distributors currently work with (or may in the future work with) Paperub to represent our ad campaigns on other internet sites, within mobile applications, and elsewhere online, in addition to providing us with info concerning the use of the Service and the efficiency of our adverts. Our service providers may gather data about your use of the Service and other online properties, install and read their tracking technologies on your device (such as cookies and web beacons), and then use that data to provide you with more relevant adverts. When you use the Services or other websites and services, some of these entities may gather your personal information. In addition, we may give these service providers certain pieces of Non-Identifying Information, such as Hashed Information, in exchange for the services they offer to us.
Some of the advertising service providers we partner with are part of industry self-regulation programs like the Network Advertising Initiative's ("NAI") or Digital Advertising Alliance's ("DAA") Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. For further details on targeted advertising and how to "opt out" of receiving such messages from NAI members, you may want to visit out. asp. Check out for more details on targeted advertising and to "opt-out" from having your information used in this way by businesses who are members of the Digital Advertising Alliance's (DAA) Self-Regulatory Program. You may also decline by visiting this link (or if located in the European Union click here). It is important to remember that using these controls does not prevent you from seeing advertisements; you will still see generic adverts while browsing the web.


Through their online profiles, Paperub members may alter their communication preferences at any time. If you no longer want to receive our promotional communications, just follow the unsubscribe instructions included in each message. Remember that if you prefer out of accepting advertising messages, this may not affect the sending of transactional account messages, such as those relating to your account or use of the Service (for example, administrative and service announcements), which we retain the right to send to you via SMS and other means. You may stop getting texts simply by responding "STOP" to any received text. If you're a registered Paperub user and you use a Paperub mobile app to access the Service, you have the option of enabling push notifications. Push notifications may also be enabled for registered Paperub Users when they visit the Service using specific desktop browsers. Modifying your notification settings may be done in the app's settings, the phone's settings, or the relevant browser.


You may either deactivate the mobile app in your browser or the settings of your phone.


Paperub uses reasonable business efforts to safeguard the personal information it gathers and retains. Transport layer security, the standard in the industry, is used to encrypt all data sent to and from the Site (TLS). To protect your privacy, we use SSL encryption whenever you submit personal information (such as your Social Security number) online (SSL). To further ensure the safety of our Paperub users, we use HTTPS exclusively. Nonetheless, keep in mind that no method of communication over the Internet, or technique of electronic storage, is 100% safe. This means that although we try our best to safeguard your information, Paperub cannot guarantee and does not assure the security of any information you communicate to us.


Information regarding what, if any, of your personal information Paperub has will be provided upon request. The information you provide to us, such as your contact details, is entirely your responsibility to keep up-to-date and accurate. By logging into your account on Paperub's website or sending them an email, you may view, change, or delete any of your personally identifiable information. We will reply to your request for access to all of your supplied personal information within 30 days. Completely erasing such data may lead to the deactivation of your account. You will no longer have access to the Service if your account is deactivated or you request closure of your account. To have your account deleted from our system, please send an email to with your request. Though we will make commercially reasonable attempts to comply with your request, some of your information (such as the content of your Workstream and any communications you have posted to the Service) may continue to be visible even after you delete your account. Even if you update or delete your Personal Information or your account is canceled, a copy of the prior version may remain in our internal systems for recordkeeping or business reasons. Information in our databases cannot always be deleted or removed in its entirety. Furthermore, we will not normally delete any content you make public using the Service. Remember that you and Paperub cannot delete all records of data that have been made public on the Service.


The United States-based Paperub International Pvt. Ltd., Inc. Paperub sends Personal Information to the United States for processing if you are situated outside of the United States and give information to us. If you submitted this information internationally, keep in mind that data protection regulations in the United States may differ from those of the country where you gave it. Your data will be safeguarded by this Privacy Statement even after transmission to the United States. You completely comprehend and explicitly agree to this transfer, processing, and storing of your data in the United States by using the Service or supplying Paperub with any information.
To the extent required by law, Paperub safeguards personally identifiable information from users located in the European Union, other nations in the European Economic Area, and Switzerland (including, as applicable, reliance upon your consent and EU-approved standard contract clauses).


There are external connections available on our Service. When you click on an external link, you will be sent to the external site. Just because we provide a link to another site doesn't mean we support the content found there or the company operating it or their approach to privacy or security. Sites that are not owned or operated by us are outside of our sphere of responsibility. These other sites may install cookies or other files on your computer, collect data, or ask you for Personal Information in ways that we cannot control. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the privacy policies of any sites you visit.


The information you provide in your profile will be seen by anybody who visits our site. It's possible that Google and other "Search Engines" may crawl your public profile and show it in their results. Using the account portal, you may modify your profile's privacy settings.
FOR GOOGLE TO STOP INDEXING: By adjusting the appropriate settings on your internet account, you may prevent Google and other search engines from indexing your profile.

11. Additional Rules FOR EEA CUSTOMERS

The following details are mandated by European Economic Area (EEA) privacy and data protection legislation. In addition to the provisions in the remaining portion of the Policy, the provisions below apply to clients in the EEA.


Phishing sites are designed to seem like trustworthy sites to steal sensitive information like passwords and credit card numbers. In particular, Paperub is worried about the rise of identity theft and the scam technique known as phishing. Please see for additional information about this scam. Additionally, please notify us at if you suspect you have been the target of a phishing email or other contact with an imposter appearing to be affiliated with Paperub.
ONLINE FRAUD: Although Paperub goes to great lengths to safeguard the safety of its online platform and other services, there may be rare instances when consumers may ask you to contact them in ways that aren't supported by Paperub to deposit funds. Never make a deposit or transfer money to a user outside of the Paperub platform.


Any modifications that Paperub makes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this page. There will be a prominent notice posted through the affected Services before the change being effective, should there be any major changes to the way we handle your Personal Information. It is also possible that we may contact you through email. However, unless you provide your permission to a new or amended Privacy Policy, we will be using your Private Data in a manner compatible with the Privacy Policy in place at the time of submission.


Please email us at or send by mail addressed 2055 Limestone Rd STE 200-C, Wilmington, DE, New Castle, US, 19808 to Paperub. if you have any queries regarding our Privacy Policy.

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