As a freelancer, you know how challenging it can be to oversee a project. There are numerous variables involved, including but not limited to the following: preparation, launch, operation, tracking, and completion. Every freelancer is responsible for managing all aspects of the project, from starting and finishing times to deliverables and milestones that’s why need to hire freelancers on But for those who can pull it off, it means more delighted customers, better ratings, and more money in the bank.

Every project requires a plan that details the steps necessary to get started, the steps that will be taken throughout development, and the steps that will be taken to complete the project.

Our improved Project Management with Tasklists guarantees your success every time.

Some advantages of adopting Tasklists for efficient project management

Some of the benefits of Adopting our Tasklist are:

  • Structured projects: The customer will have a clearer picture of the work being done and the results to be expected if tasks are created and shared with them. Put the customer to work if you need anything from them.
  • Outlined priorities: You should have the customer set priorities. If your priorities are in line, you may expect less anxiety and more satisfied customers, both of which will result in more positive feedback.
  • More tasks: Prepare ahead of time by including actions for prospective updates, enhancements, and subsequent projects. Your recommendations will be well received by the customer, and they will be implemented as milestones when the time is right.
  • No missing deadlines: To avoid missing a deadline or forgetting a client's unique requirements, you may set up to-do items inside your projects.

How to Handle Projects with Ease?

A project is a set of interconnected tasks aimed at achieving some objective. It is common practice to assign a certain date for the completion of each job and milestone within a project.

Starting a Project: The process of starting a project is the initial step in developing a concept into a concrete objective. At this point, you should be crafting a business case and broadly outlining the scope of the project. The project charter is a crucial document that outlines crucial aspects of the project, such as its limitations, its objectives, the person appointed to lead the project, the allocated funds, the estimated completion date, etc.

Planning a project: The planning phase of a project is crucial because it establishes the course that the project will follow. Unless an up-to-date approach is used, such as agile project management, the duration of the second phase of project management is likely to exceed that of the first by a significant margin.

Several frameworks exist for establishing project objectives; S.M.A.R.T. and C.L.E.A.R. are two of the most often used ones.

Project execution: During this phase of the project, your team will be responsible for carrying out all of the tasks that were outlined in the planning phase. Managers of large projects are responsible for setting up streamlined processes and keeping close tabs on their teams' output. Keeping excellent communication flowing amongst all parties involved in the project is another key role of the project manager at this stage.

Monitoring and Controlling of Project: Both the third and fourth stages are independent of one another. The project's goals and deliverables are safeguarded by the monitoring and controlling phase, which occurs in tandem with the execution phase.

Finalizing a Project: This is the last step in completing a project. Once all of the promised deliverables have been made, the project has reached its final close stage. freelancers are sometimes brought in from outside the company to help with a particular aspect of the project.


At Paperub, we assist you in managing your projects by hiring dedicated freelancers without hiring a costly manager. Incorporate a Tasklist into your project immediately and see progress. 

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